The Rules

Clothing sold/offered for free on this site must meet the following criteria:
  • Used clothing must be clean and in good condition.
  • Shirts, dresses and skirts that cling to the body or are meant to fit tight are not modest!  Clothing should be loose enough not to disclose the shape of the body. 
  • Dresses and shirts with open necklines and short sleeves/straps are fine, as long as they are meant to be worn over a long-sleeved, high neckline undershirt/dress.
  • Shirts and dresses that are meant to be strictly worn under loose-fitting garments can be tight-fitting, but they should reach above the collarbone and the sleeves should be long enough to cover the elbows in any position.
  • Skirts should be below the knee in any position.  If the knees are disclosed when one is sitting, the skirt is not long enough.
  • Clothing that is beige and can be mistaken for skin from far away is not modest.

We look forward to featuring your modest clothing, head coverings and accessories on our site!  To submit your business or item to our directory, please visit About Us 

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